For as long as I can remember I have always had a thing about wheels and tyres and I don’t mean in a kinky way, I just think that a good set of wheels and tyres can make all the difference to any car, 4×4 or truck.  A bit like us wearing shoes or boots for example, how many times have you seen a smart dressed business man or woman wearing a nice suit, but when you look at their feet they are wearing a pair of trainers, it just doesn’t happen, well I’ve never seen it any how and if I did I would not give them the time of day let alone buy anything from them, anyway back to the point about wheels.

Haven’t things changed over time with regards to wheels? 25 years ago if you wanted a different type of wheel for your Land Rover the choice was limited to Weller 8 spokes, Wolfrace Hurricanes or Range Rover 3 spoke alloys, which were not to my liking, I mean I think they could have designed a better looking wheel even back in the early 80’s, and as for the Wolfrace Hurricanes I think on an early 2 door Range Rover they look just the part. I found a full set of Hurricane wheels a few years ago whilst I was clearing out some old wagon trailers full of engines, gearboxes, axles, you name it most of the stuff was scrap, but I came across the wheels hidden at the back of one of the trailers,and I new they would look great on my 1973 2 door Range Rover which strangely enough came with a set of Weller 8 spoke wheels.


These are the Wolfrace Hurricanes, the hub covers are optional.


Land Rover wheels really hit off with the release of the 5 spoke Free Style alloy wheel designed for the Discovery back in 1993/4, I can remember that everybody wanted a set and they would sell for a lot of money and ever since then Land Rover have designed some truly great wheels, one of my favorite wheels for Discovery Defender or Classic Range Rover has to be the Boost Style wheel, it looks great on any Land Rover and it still amazes me what a difference it makes fitting a good style wheel to any vehicle.


These above are Boost Alloys.


The latest wheel to catch my eye has to be the Bowler 18″x8″ light weight wheel, it truly has to be wheel porn, if you know what I mean! but at £325 per wheel makes it out of my price range by a mile, but if money was not an issue I would buy a set today because they look fantastic.


Pete Baker’s beautifully restored CSK Range Rover (above).


They don’t even have to be alloys, a steel modular like the one above can look great!


It’s funny when I hear people arguing about the wrong wheels fitted to a period style Land Rover or Range Rovers and they rant on about spoiling the vehicle, In my opinion you can fit whatever wheels you like so long as it makes you feel good about the look of your Land Rover. Wheels are a bolt on affair, they can be changed without altering the vehicle. So what’s the big fuss about? Things would be very boring if we all had the same taste and personally I really like to see a modified Land Rover, people have been modifying Land Rovers since they first  went on sale in 1948 (even Land Rover themselves, take for example Land Rovers Special Vehicle Department) and to be honest I get a bit sick of all the rivet counters and bolt polishers, a Land Rover was intended to be a working vehicle not a highly polished show car, but each to there own, so back to the subject of wheels, I would say fit what you like and always keep the original wheels in case you sell the car in the future.

So what is your favorite style wheel, and what would you buy if money was no object?

Cheers ! James